Quality Policy

Safety in Construction Management in Project Sites and manufacturing activities in the Factory deserves utmost attention. Especially construction in the hydrocarbon industry, such as Exploration, Refineries, Pipelines and Marketing installations, Gas Processing units etc. Construction is widely recognized as one of the accident prone activities. Most of the accidents are caused by inadequate planning, failure during the construction process and/or because of design deficiencies. Besides property loss, accidents also result in injuries and fatalities to the personnel; same needs to be prevented.

The reasons for accidents during construction activities are related to unique nature of the industry, human behavior, difficult work-site conditions, extended odd duty hours, lack of training & awareness and inadequate safety management. Unsafe working methods, equipment failure and improper housekeeping also tend to increase the accident rate in construction.

Ensuring good quality of materials, equipment and competent supervision along with compliance of standard engineering practices shall go a long way to in built safety in the system.


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