Sewer Collection System

This process will involve providing “state of the art” underground collection system that meets the requirements for the City. The Sewer master plan will dictate the type of collection system that will be applicable.

The city will be segregated into segments where the following may be applicable :

Gravity Sewer system (conventional system involving manholes etc. but heavily site dependent).
Siphon / Vacuum sewer system (little higher capital cost, but less dependent on electricity and extremely applicable for congested areas and variable slopes). This alternative may be applicable for significant sections of the cities under consideration.


Sewer Treatment Plant

The sewer treatment systems are customized to meet the requirements of the City. The factors that will determine the choice would include the following :

The volume of water consumed by the community
The present status of the sewer collection system
Level of requirement of reuse of the treated sewer in the community for nonpotable purposes
Land availability
Power availability
Based on the rainfall pattern the ideal solution for wastewater treatment should include options for wastewater reuse for usage during dry seasons. Rest of the time, the treated water should be discharged to the rivers. This may also enable the cities to include some low tech treatment systems that can lead to easier reuse options. In any case, the solutions would be a “ of the art” custom solution.

Solid Waste Management

The solid waste management for any city needs to be customized to meet the requirement. An evaluation process should involve identifying processes for value adding to the community. An evaluation process for that objective should include the following :

Volume of waste generated
Quality of waste generated
The requirements for the community (electricity, gas, organic fertilizer etc.)

As thorough study involving all these components will enable the entity to identify an appropriate solution that can be scaled up or down. However, the main objective should be to offer a solution that adds value along with providing the waste management solution.

EClean Spectron has the comprehensive expertise in designing and implementing several types of solid waste management systems including expertise in Bio Gas based solid waste management systems.

The Bio-Gas based solid waste management system was developed and designed by BARC (Bhaba Atomic Research Center) and has been successfully implemented in more than 140 facilities. This process involves converting solid waste to biogas and organic compost; both having substantial value add potential.

Sewer Master Plan / City Sanitation Plan / Detailed Project Report

A comprehensive system will be a major step ahead for both public health and the environment for any community. This process should start with Sewer Master Planning or creation of City Sanitation Plan involves creating a 20 to 30 years roadmap for providing sewerage services to all the residents within a specific area. Shown below is a sample collection system layout.


Drinking Water Master Plan and Water Resource Management Planning, Designing and Implementing

A water master plan provides a long term road map for providing water services for a community by factoring in growth and demand in the treatment and distribution system. Typically, a water master planning task would involve the following tasks :

Delineation of Areas based on existing Population and existing Water Distribution System (if any)
Determining Build-Out Population based on Land Use Data
Evaluating Existing Infrastructure Vs. New Infrastructure
Comparing Current Vs. Future Demand
Site Selection Criteria for River Intake System
Site Selection for Water Treatment Plants
Selection Criteria for the Process Units
Developing New Construction Projects “OR” Capital Improvement Projects
Perform cost projections, revenue forecasts, rate increase/change recommendations, and prepare the sequence of projects that the city/town can feasibly implement in keeping with the revenue projections.

Operation & Maintenance of New & Existing STPs & ETPs

EClean Spectron has a team of trained operators for operating small and medium wastewater treatment facility

Prior to starting on any new client, the plant will be evaluated by our experienced engineering team
Based on the review, a best Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be determined for the facility. The objective of the review and SOP will be to identify redundancies and operate the plant in the most efficient and effective mode so that the plant meets all the requirements at a minimum operating cost, but with the best quality of effluent possible for the facility
This team will be actively guided and instructed by our engineers on a 24/7 basis for any unusual issues they encounter and for guidance through regular changes and issues they may encounter
The objective is to provide long term reliable professional service for each of the entities.

Roediger Vacuum Sewers : Germany

EClean Spectron has a team of trained operators for operating small and medium wastewater treatment facility

A subsidiary of Europe’s “Second Largest Construction Company” BILFINGER
Company Founded in the Year 1842
One of the Pioneering Companies in Vacuum Technology
More than 1500 vacuum sewer installations through-out the World
EClean Spectron Environment Private Limited is the sole Authorized Dealer of Vacuum Systems in India


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