Composite Jobs on LSTK Basis

We undertake composite jobs involving area leveling, civil construction such as equipment foundations, piping pedestals, cable tray installations, piping prefabrication and erection, equipment erection, lighting poles, electrical cabling, motor erection and alignment, precommissioning and commissioning on LSTK basis.

Construction of Storage Tank Farms Including Foundation And Allied Piping Works

Area development, civil construction of tank foundations, fabrication and erection of Vertical storage tanks (Cone roof as well as floating roof), laying of pipelines, precommissioning and commissioning on turnkey basis.

Horizontal Lube Oil Storage Tanks

Work involves, procurement, fabrication, welding of Horizontal storage tanks including fabrication and assembly, structural skid, surface preparation and painting.

Unit Piping Inside The Plant for Handling of  Lube Oil

Procurement, supply, fabrication, welding and NDT, testing and commissioning of plant pipings including supply of valves etc. for Oil companies.

Project Works : “Shut - Down” And “Start - Up” Jobs

Spectron’s Technical Services Group undertakes “scheduled shut-down job” including required modifications, is undertaken for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Plants. Engineering and project management capability for specific project requirement in addition to providing day to day  support for current contracts. Maintenance planning and monitoring of machinery condition programmes have been developed using appropriate tools as per industry standards. Pre-commissioning, commissioning and preparation of Start-Up instructions and operations manuals are completed on a routine basis.

Autovalveless Gravity Filters

Atmospheric storage tanks and automatic valveless gravity filters for water treatment plants including surface preparation and painting for M/s Reliance Industries through M/s ION exchange India limited.

Piping Pre-Fabrication for Auto Valveless Gravity Filters

Pre-fabrication of piping, including mock assembly, radiography, hydraulic testing for Water Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants etc.

Transformer Tanks

Export quality Transformer Tanks of various capacities ranging from 15 MVA to 250 MVA including procurement, inspection, fabrication, machining, grooving of machined flanges, sand blasting and painting of external and internal surfaces, pressure and vacuum testing, packing and forwarding.

Anchor Buoys

Anchor Buoys are regularly fabricated, tested and delivered to various offshore oil companies such as M/s. Cochin Shipyard Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited. This component is made out of heavy rolled sections and steel plates with predetermined dimensions to suit the existing facilities at offshore.

Flare Stakes Systems And High Pressure Stainless Steel Manifold


Fabrication, supply, and erection of ground flare stacks for oil and gas installations including internal thermal insulation / thermal bricks beyond 900 degree centigrade flare systems for restricted and sensitive locations.

Supply, fabrication, erection and testing of stainless steel manifolds holding more than 250kg/cm^2 for GGS oil india installations.

High Pressure Separator


High pressure Gas Separator including hook up piping for Oil and gas projects.
High pressure stainless steel vessels - Export quality - including pickling and passivation.

Float Box And Temporary Guide Base for Oil Drilling Companies

Float box is a regular requirement for offshore rigs owned by M/s. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd., and several other multinational oil companies.

Pneumatic Silos And Cutting Pods for Oil Drilling Companies

Cutting Pod of 50 cft capacity to 250 cft capacity for Pneumatic Bulk Handling facilities with 40 PSI working pressure, and tested at 80 PSI pressure.

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