Smart Wireless Technology

Direct sequence spread spectrum wireless mesh technology automatically routes around congestion and line-of-site obstracles.

Works at 2.4 GHz Frequency.
Low Power Requirement.
3 Mile Line-of-Sight Range.
Robust Mesh Network Topology.
Flexible I/O options
Distributed Alarm Processing
No Controller Required

Fixed Gas Sensors

Detcon manufactures the most rugged and diverse fixed gas detection sensors for a wide range of hazardous industrial applications.

The Model 700 is a state-of-the-art intelligent sensor specifically designed for harsh environments and extreme locations. Models 500/600 feature Decton's MicroSafe intutive software.

Model 100 is a back-to-basics high quality, low power, no frills gas detection sensor. All Decton sensor assemblies are designed as easy-to-use field replaceable plug-in sensors with intelligent electronics and a non-intrusive operator interface.

Gas Analyzers

The Decton Model 1000 Series H2S and CO2 gas analzers are designed to provide accurate and continuous measurement of target gas concentrations in natural gas traeting plants, gas production wells and at custody transfer points along gas transmission pipelines. The application flexibility of this family of analyzer products is based on utilization of proven sensor technologies and the ability to customize according to the application.

Scame Sistemi ( All in One Panel )

SCAME Sistemi manufacturers completely integrated system capable to manage all sub systems through just one panel. The redundant function solutions are adopted for both CPU and system cards and these are hot swappable. This system allows interface of any make/model field devices.

Simtronics GD1

Simtronics is a world class provider of sophisticated gas and flame detection systems for Onshore and offshore industries.

The GDI sets a new standard for toxic gas detection. Using a tuneable laser diode the GDI delivers enhanced coverage and fail safe detection. The performance improvement marks a genuine step change for safety systems and life cycle cost savings.
No sensor recalibration or replacement
High performance in aurdous conditions
Superior detector stability and specificity
Non-propietary user interface and improved preventive maintenence
Suitable for use in SIL 2 systems
Optical infrared toxic gas detection
Heated optics, transmitter and reciever
Tuneable laser diode/laser scanning
Suitable for personnel safety purposes
Vibration and mialignment tolerant optics
Fastest possible speed of response
Ease of allignment and setup    

Simrad GD10P

The Simrad GD10P detector is the benchmark for combustible gas detection on offshore installations.

It has set the standard for gas detectors in the areas of safety, stability and low maintenence.

GD10P comes with a 5 year warranty.
Solid state IR sources (SimSource)
Early dirty optics warning
High IR sorce flash rate
Integral termination compartment
True dual path, double compensation optical design
Low power consumption
Selactable response rate
HART output option available


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