Well Head Operations
Pipe Line Maintenance / Pigging etc
Production Testing
Gas Gathering Station
Processing Plant
Oil Gathering Station
Metering Station    

Maintenance of Process Control Equipment
Maintenance of Communication Equipment
Calibration & Maintenance of Instruments
Maintenance of DCS/PLC based SCADA Control Systems

Maintenance of Process Equipment
A/C Plants, Pumps, Motors, Valves, etc.
Power Generators, Solar Panels and Battery Bank    

 Safety Services
Trained Personnel for Safety & Fire Fighting
Fire Fighting Mock Drills
Maintenance and Up-keep of Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment
Medical Facilities
Conducting Safety Audits
Catering Services

Experienced and Specialized Personnel

We have a large team of highly qualified personnel with specialized experience in various disciplines involved in the overall management of Oil and Gas Processing Complexes.

Our Engineers have 10-30 years experience in respective activities of all disciplines like petroleum, well servicing, electronics, electrical, mechanical, civil, etc. As a part of our turnkey supply, our specialized personnel will take charge and run the entire operation for our clients, as per the target set by the Oil Companies.

Typical Example

Spectron is carrying out Operation & Maintenance of Gas Processing Facilities of Oil India Limited deploying high-end automation and instrumentation including SCADA Systems. This operation is being undertaken for the last several years.

The turnkey scope of the Project includes, right from well head operations, well testing, maintenance of pipelines, pigging, O&M of the process plant – test separators, production separators, reboilers, dehydration units, flare, instrumentation controls and communication equipments to safety, security, fire fighting, housekeeping  and catering services.

Process Control Room

Complete operation is monitored on SCADA Control System.

Maintenance and Calibration

Of Plant Instrumentation, including DCS/PLC is carried out by our professional Instrumentation engineers and technicians. Also all the Static Equipments like Storage Tanks, Vessels, Sump Tanks, Absorber Column, Filters, Valves, etc.

Rotary Equipments like Pumps, Motors, Turbine Meters, etc.

Pipelines, Diesel Power Generators, Central Air-Conditioning System is done by skilled Mechanical, Electrical engineers and technicians. Well maintained and serviced Solar Power Generating Unit is looked after by Electrical engineers and technicians.

Fire Fighting, Safety & Health

We have highly trained and experienced crew to maintain Fire Tenders and Fire Fighting equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Water Storage Tanks, Fire Water Hoses, Nozzles, Fire Hydrant, etc. and are available 24 hours on standby basis, should any emergencies arise. Safety and Health of employees are given high priority.

Project Services : Shut-Down and Start-Up Jobs

Spectron has the experienced engineering manpower and skilled work force which can be quickly mobilized to undertake Shut Down jobs and Start Up operations. These are men drawn from various operation and maintenance sites at various locations in the country by re-organizing their jobs and we have a pool of reserve personnel always available with our regular sub-contractors.

Depending upon the work involved and the time available these can be planned on a half early, quarterly or monthly basis with microplan on a daily or hourly basis in areas requiring such planning. Manpower and equipment histograms are prepared well in advance in consultation with the project-incharge of the customer taking all aspects and contingencies into account and finally the jobs are executed strictly as per the plan.
Spectron’s Technical Services Group undertakes scheduled shut-down job along with required modifications. Engineering and project management capability for specific project requirement addition to providing day to day support for current contracts. Maintenance planning and machinery condition monitoring programmes have been developed using appropriate tools as per industry standards. Pre-commissioning, commissioning and preparation of Start-Up instructions and operations manuals are completed on a routine basis.

Operation and Maintenance of Power Plants

Spectron's Technical Services Division provides services for Operation and Maintenance of Power Plants VIZ. Steam/Gas Turbine, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Co-Generation.

The package includes provision of skilled manpower, overall supervision, coordination, Project Management, proper utilization and maintenance of equipments and monitoring performance etc. Services also include scope like inspection of Boilers and Pressure Vessels, etc. besides liaising with Statutory Bodies.

  Salient Features of the Operation & Main tenance of Power Plants are :
To operate the combined Cycle Power Plant, consisting of Systems & Sub-System to provide uninterrupted quality power to client, meet the Power Wheeling Requirements, Optimize Capacity Utilization, power export and minimize power import from outside power utilities.
Operate Cooling Water System to generate desired quality and quantity of Cooling Water for consumption of Captive Power Plant and also to cater to the requirement of associated process plant
Operate DM water plant and its subsystem to generate quality and quantity of DM water for consumption at Captive Power Plant and also to cater to requirement of associated plant
Operate HRSG and its sub-system to generate desired quality and quantity of Steam for consumption at CCPP and also to cater to the requirement of associated process plant
Operate Utility air system to generate desired quality and of utility & instrument air for  consumption of CCPP and also to cater to the requirement of associated process plant
Formulate performance schedule and defect maintenance (including fault finding and trouble shooting) to minimize equipment shut down time, minimize equipment failures and reduce maintenance expenditure
Carry out special maintenance as per Manufacturer's recommendations
Perform Inventory of spares, stores, tools and consumables
Maintain Log Sheets of all the operating parameters, defects, incidents, maintenance activities and consumption of spares, stores, tools, and consumables
Analyse all the incidents, develop action plan to avoid recurrences and implement the same
Generate maintenance schedule, requirement of spares, stores, tools and consumables
Monitor performance & efficiency of plant, systems and sub-systems included in the scope of work regularly and work out action plan to maintain and to improve
Provide necessary technical support to the client for procurement, transportation and storage of spares, stores, tools and consumables wherever necessary
Keep the total Battery Limit of the plant in the perfect tidy condition including keeping the area, floors and the building cleaned ensuring that there is no water logging or waste deposit, oil/oily sludge deposit, chemical spillage etc., and also keeping the equipments in perfect cleaned condition, cleaning the Cooling Tower Hot & Cold Basin atleast once a year including providing consumables and necessary equipments for these. Perform housekeeping/cleaning on daily basis and also after each maintenance activity
Maintain records as per requirement of Factory Act, IBR, Labour Laws, ISO 14001 and other relevant laws concerning the activity
Plant to be operated and maintained throughout the year on a suitable shift basis with adequate qualified and trained technical personnel.

  List of areas under operation and maintenance of power plant :
Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines with various capacities and their associated systems and equipments
HRSG and its associated systems and equipments
Various Data Acquisition & Control Systems installed in the plant
Cooling Water Systems with Beacon and Weir Pumps of different capacities
DM Water Plant
Air Compressors with various capacities
3 Cell ID Cooling Tower along with its chemical dosing system
FRP Cooling Tower and its pumps
Package Type Boilers (Natural Gas Fired Type) of different makes and capacities
EOT Cranes of various capacities and make
66KV Switch Yard, I / C Transformers and its Control Room
11 KV Sub-Station connecting GT / ST to Load and Power Utilities
All other Utilities installed within the Battery Limit of Combined Cycle Power Plant
All Pipelines and fittings including Valves installed within the Battery Limit
Chlorine Naturalization System.
Fire Fighting System of GT / GTG / STG /Control Room/ Cable Trench /UPS Room
All electrical drives and their controls, APU, MCC, Batteries etc.
Gas Conditioning Skid
Emergency DG sets of various capacities and makes
Maintenance of Central Air - Conditioning plant of CCPP Control Room and Switch Yard
Maintenance of UPS Panel installed in UPD Room
Water Piping for Fire Fighting System anode Fire Hydrants
To arrange for Annual Inspection of Package Boiler, obtaining operation certificate from IBR Authorities etc.
To arrange for Tig Welding, conduct radiography and other NDT for repair and maintenance works for improvement of better performance
Hydro Testing of Air Receiver and Relay Testing Work
Taking up Thermography of equipments at half yearly intervals
Any and all other related Operations & Maintenance Work
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