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Introduction to Polyurea and Nukote Advanced Polymers

 Excellent Adhesion
Providing the end-user with longer lasting protection regardless of the substrate, enhanced permeability and increased resistance to cathodic disbondment.

 Superior Elongation & Tensile Strength
Ideal applications where substrate shifting or movement occurs (in pipelines, tanks, concrete structures) to ensure protection over the project's design life.

 Volatile Organic Content
Applicable in strict environmental conditions where contamination is not acceptable - (Useful in potable-water, food processing and beverage manufacturing industries).

 Heat and Fire Resistence
Performs even when exposed to very high temperatures or fire.

 Long -Term Stability
Designed to perform over project design life term, exposure to weather, ultraviolet salt spray.

  Environmental Protection
Approved for use in environmentally protected areas.

Construction Applications

  Deck Coating Applications :
Applications provide durable walking and car park protection including color stability andtraction in rampsandsloped areas.

These systems are available not only in spray formulations but also in roll and brushgrade formulations.

 Roof Applications :
Nukote can be applied directly to the roof, or if insulation is required, over polyurethane foam or any other insulation material to create a seamless membrane that seals the coated area. It seals the seams created by pipes, exhaust or other equipment that protrude from roofs.

 Floor Applications :
These products are ideal where appearance, durability and fast return-to-service time are required.

It is an inexpensive elastomer coating used as a base coat for large, industrial applications on concrete for warehouse, cold-storage facilities, manufacturing plants etc.

Other high performance polymers are more durable and provide anti-slip finishes for industrial floors, offices, cafeterias, hospitals, airports, railway stations etc.

Speciality Applications

 Foam Applications :
This is a cost effective method to design, produce and install decorative facades, statues, fountains or even amusement park rides and displays.

 Truck Bed Applications :
Blast Mitigation Applications :

Nukote polymers provide an excellent blast mitigation coating that reduces the inherent danger from both fragmentation and progressive collapse common to explosive agents.

These products are used in military, airport or other public buildings and industrial facilities.

 Marine, Zoo & Wildlife Applications :
These products can match with environmental habitats and camouflage equipment while providing long-term performance, colour stability and clean nontoxic features.

 Theme Park Applications :
The parks around the world have specified polyurea as waterproofing and protective coating. Floors & hand rails are coated for long term protection from abrasion and damage from constant use and cleaning. Ponds, lakes and other water related applications applied on polymer-geotextile systems for water containment.

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