Versatile & Verifiable Safeguards for Energy Transport
Power cables run for long distances, pipelines for hundreds, even thousands of kilometers, over land and under sea. Even the smallest leak, break or intrusion to an asset can cause untold damage, putting lives at risk and undermining environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility and commercial strategies. So companies need every tool at their disposal to ensure that they are prepared for the unpredictable. Omnisens long-range, continuous monitoring systems provide an ‘always-on’ and accurate safeguard that protects people, operations and corporate reputations in equal measure.
Enabling Efficient Onshore Pipeline Management & Control
Pipelines carrying gas or oil across countries and continents are exposed to a multitude of risks, both natural and man-made. Potential threats include ground movement, landslides, corrosion and third party interference. Omnisens systems continuously monitor entire pipelines, registering small variations in temperature, strain and even vibration, to within a meter of the occurrence. By identifying a problem within minutes, companies can avoid the many consequences associated with pipeline failures.
Ensuring the Continuous
Flow Of Electricity
Electricity companies need to ensure the security and continuity of their supply, whilst at the same time maximizing the efficiency of their operations. By means of power cable temperature monitoring, operators are able to detect ‘when and where’ an issue (e.g.: thermal bottleneck) has occurred and thus can mitigate risks. Omnisens fiber optic monitoring also allows operators to review a cable’s performance and plan its replacement. Applicable to terrestrial and subsea interconnectors, umbilicals, transmission and wind farm cables, Omnisens systems help minimize risk and optimize performance in all instances.
Monitoring the Condition & Operation of Subsea Structures
Offshore environments pose constant challenges to energy infrastructure such as subsea risers, umbilicals, mooring ropes and flowlines. Deep-water operations, strong currents, seabed migration, dragged anchors and dropped objects are constant threats. Omnisens systems use optical fibers integrated into these structures to provide condition and fatigue monitoring, informing predictive maintenance decisions. Monitoring literally thousands of measurement points over many kilometers, these systems ensure that pipelines and flowlines operate within their design limits, contributing to responsible working practices and helping ensure the longevity of the asset.

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